Monday, 30 November 2009


I've had an busy week of work and intense meetings and trying to finish some research (and not quite managing it).  After work today I had a treat.Yin and I went to see The Boys Are Back which I loved and which made me cry a bit.

Cherries are in the shops - for me cherries are the treat of Christmas.We had a large bag of cherries.

Then we got a small pizza instead of cooking dinner, which is wildly irresponsible for us, and I saw the flowering, sparkling reindeer the City of Ballarat has put up among the statues in our main street.

Oh I love Christmas lights! I love silly decorations and I really don't think I'll get tired of these even though it is still a long time until December 25th.

I was not the only person taking pictures of ridiculously charming reindeers made of begonias and electric lights, I'm pleased to say.

Rudolph and pastel lupins in the dusk.


Anonymous said...

As much as I try to fight it, I love Christmas decorations too. The more lights, the tackier, the better. I'm glad we share the same opinion :) I really love the reindeers in Sturt St and have been meaning to take photos myself!

Elizabeth said...

And there is still the Courier tour of the Christmas lights to do - bliss!