Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Living here would be good.

Julie posted some lovely old windows and a  house in Woodend she'd love to live in, and I thought about a place I'd like to dwell in for a while, up the hill, just along this street, at the edge of the old part of Daylesford town.

It has a door that opens right on to on the pavement, and it's two stories high with a wraparound verandah frilled with with lacy iron work. It's big enough so that one room could be left completely empty. Always.

I'm such a townie - I love old provincial towns. Got to have a library and cafes and shops and a couple of people and a dog on the street as well as the occasional hour when nothing is happening anywhere you look.

Look at those huge old shopfront windows - I could sit there with the dogs and piles of books and sewing and pens and paper and coffee and wave to the world occasionally, even ask it in for a cuppa.

And just a step away the is the best old postbox for the daily crop of letters.

And look, the place is a bit battered, so I wouldn't have to live up to it, I could just live in it.

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