Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I went to look at gardens last weekend, it was Ballarat's Spring Open Garden weekend. Some gardens were wrapped around grand old nineteenth century houses. Most were very neat and weeded.

I didn't take photos of my favourite garden because I was too busy talking to the lovely man who had made it. It was small and winding and had vegies and fruit trees and flowers and ponds and a raspberry hedge, and a potting shed and a pergola with wisteria and banksias grown from seed from travels in the bush. Ferns covered trees and filled every cool corner, and tiny bonsai grew in huge, light, bubbled boulders of pumice found by an ancient volcano.  I wish I could show you some of it!

I was very happy to find some gates for my collection in one of the the neatest and best-presented streets of Ballarat.

Look how the tree has overturned the contained order of the garden.

I love the way that the people who live here have let the tree be and worked around its growth. See the chain and padlock because the gate no longer shuts!

The garden behind this gate is mostly hidden and is very charming. The number on this gate is one that I consider my own lucky number.

I don't seem to be thrilled by well-maintained gates. I hope you like things that are a little worn and well-used too.

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