Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Seven posts to Christmas: jelly and crickets

It got dark soon after I wrote Christmas post number eight and we drove around Black Hill and Brown Hill looking at the Christmas lights. This is an older, hillier and darker area and the houses, mostly small wooden cottages from the nineteenth century, twinkled from up hillsides or round twisty corners.

When I got home I whisked up some baubles

and made the raspberry jelly. (Just in case it's too hot for the pudding I'm making trifle with homemade jelly, home made sponge and homemade custard).

I had to explain to Yin that I'm leaving the pips in because it's not real raspberry jelly without them.

Now I'm going to sit out the back in the dark and listen to the crickets. Ballarat is not lit up much at night, even the Christmas-light houses are scattered among mostly dark streets. It makes it hard to walk around but you can see the stars.


freefalling said...

You're making me homesick.
One of my favourite things about Christmas is my Mum's trifle (although she is a bit slack and doesn't make the sponge cake herself!).

I've got little apples on my tree too. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked one to taste it. I was surprised it wasn't hard and sour.

Enjoying your 12 posts til Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

I'm feeling nostalgic too, and am doing a lot of remembering this Christmas.
I must confess that I can barely make a decent sponge so what goes into my trifle is pretty flat, but luckily trifle is a forgiving sort of pudding. Hope you get your share of trifle this Christmas!
Maybe you'll put up a piccie? I really enjoy your pictures.

freefalling said...

No trifle for me this christmas.
The trifle is in Qld and I am in Victoria.
I met up with my mum in canberra after christmas and was hoping she might have put some in a tupperware container for me - no such luck!