Monday, 14 February 2011

Cooking tools

Whenever I've had a spell of inertia, the first thing I want to do as I liven up is to clean and to cook. I cleaned the kitchen and then I made bread, a custard and cherry tart and pesto.

My measuring cup and ceramic baking beads, my favourite cookbook when I want to make something I don't know by heart,

the grater that is 'just right' and my mortar and pestle.

None of my kitchen tools are electric.
The recipe books that I've looked at lately assume that their reader will use an electric-powered machine to mix and blend, whip and puree, or even to knead the bread. 
But I really like to use my hands and simple tools to cook.
I like to use as little power as possible.
I like the magic of creating complex food with very simple means.

I was just reading this blog and was fascinated and impressed. I try to live a conscious and ethical life, but I am not so focussed. Cooking with hand tools is a start...

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