Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday walk

This Sunday I spent all afternoon wandering around the Old Ballarat Cemetery. It started in the gold rush and filled up quickly. The New Cemetery was begun in 1867.

I was mostly looking at the Chinese graves. The cemetery is a peaceful place on a warm afternoon. Lots of insects, grass and trees as well as rusty iron, marble and bluestone.

Lost languages, as well as lost people, are remembered here.


freefalling said...

Wow - what is that?

I've been meaning to take a walk out at the Ararat cemetery for a long time.
I'm partial to a good cemetery.
My favourite is the one in Eden, NSW.
It sits directly across the road from the beach.
If you go to google maps streetview, you can see it at Aslings Beach Rd (near Barkly St).

Closer to home, the Cathcart cemetery is great - you have to drive through a sheep paddock and get out and open and shut the gates and shoo the sheep out of the way.
The Mt Cole one is pretty good too.
It's hidden on a lonely mountain track.

Elizabeth said...

Yes it's Gaelic. Hard to imagine now but there were once streets and farms and churches here where people spoke Welsh and Gaelic and Cornish. The Welsh Church in Lonsdale Street still has services in the Welsh language.
Mt Cole sounds lovely.