Thursday, 3 February 2011

Taking a breather

Last night I sat up glued to the TV and the net in all forms - Twitter, ABC news, Bureau of Meteorology - full of dread that seems silly now. My elder son was in Cairns, not in an evacuation centre but riding out the cyclone in a beachside area threatened by both the massive winds and a storm surge of a possible 5 metres.
Yasi veered south and  hit other places hard, and by early morning I had a cheerful and relieved phonecall from him.  Despite the destruction and ruin of towns and crops no lives have been lost. Miraculous yes - but a tribute to the common sense and community organisation that swung into place during the emergency.
The year of the Tiger ended today and the Rabbit is hopping along in its place. I'm taking a breather and I'll be back after New Year.
Happy Year of the Rabbit!


Suzanna said...

Glad to hear your son is safe!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Suzanna!