Thursday, 5 January 2012


Christmas was hot. Nights bright with stars and loud with crickets.
Both my boys came home and we had a good time.

Cherries are my favourite Christmas fruit.
I've loved the Cherry Tree Carol since I was a child because cherries and roses, not snow, are Christmas delights here.

Of course there was a lot of Christmas baking and eating.
Mince pies, pudding, cake and shortbread as usual. No, the heat makes no difference. I will bake at Christmas.
There was a brief outbreak of Australiana and all the gingerbread bikkies turned out as wombats this year.

Tinsels and glass and glitter scented with pine,

and the company of dear friends.


Katherine Bowman said...

Hello dear Liz,
happy New Year!
it would be lovely to see you sometime soon,

Elizabeth said...

Will be coming in to Melbourne, visting the SLV occasionally - how about a glass of wine along the river - love that bit just below Fed square.