Monday, 9 January 2012

A new label

Check it out at Letitia's lovely blog Freefalling (she has several great blogs on the go). It seems that tapophilia is the art  and pleasure of pottering about in cemeteries. 
I think that the best cemeteries must be at least a little worn and untidy and softened by time.

This is the homely Chinese section of the Old Ballarat Cemetery. The simple headstones all face south, and it is tidy, but gently so, not too manicured and rose-bushed.

 So I am a tapophiliac.
I knew many other people love cemeteries and now I have the word.
Thanks Letitia!


freefalling said...

Oh, you joined in!
Are you going to put your link up over at Taphophile Tragics?

I'm so glad you posted some Chinese headstones. I've been searching them out in cemeteries around the joint and rarely come across many.
I saw this burial list for the Deep Lead Cemetery which features quite a few Chinese names but not too many markers.

Can you read Chinese?
That's not what I'm supposed to call it, am I?
Cantonese or Mandarin?

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to join in allright - thanks so much for pointing out the other cemetery wanderers. I'll put up some more about Chinese cemeteries just in Ballarat, Buninyong & Creswick as soon as I can get a bit organised, since it looks as if it's interesting to other people.

Yes I can read a bit of Chinese (perfectly fine when referring to written text) - can I translate all headstones? Not so easy!