Friday, 6 January 2012

Water dragon

 This is the hazy, moody sky on the very hot evening of  Tuesday after Christmas. We'd just had the first heatwave (4 days) since last summer, and I was desperate for a cool change.

The temperature stayed in the thirties, but it got a bit sticky and some rain fell briefly, and just as the dogs and I were pottering out the gate for an evening walk - too hot to walk them earlier - over the gate glowed a double rainbow.

 Such a beautiful beginning to this year of a watery dragon.
The dragon - in fact the water dragon -  is my birth year in the East Asian astrological cycle.

 The real  New Year of the dragon doesn't officially begin until the end of January. Then there'll be a big bash with Yin's family and lions dancing among the fire crackers in Little Bourke Street. 

It's about a month between our two big family occasions, and these few weeks between Christmas and Chinese New Year are a quiet space out of everyday life. The frenzy building up to the 25th of December has lapsed into reading and making and dreaming a bit. Then after a bit of craziness with drums and gunpowder and yet more feasting, I return to work and real time.

Water dragons bringing a little rain and rainbows.

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Suzanna said...

Hi Elizabeth, that's a very auspicious beginning for this New Year. We just had a little heat wave, but I think(hope) today things will be returning to normal. A city tree in front of my house was cut down so the sun beats down more than before. A rainfall would be very welcome. Perhaps I shall have a talk with the water dragon...maybe he is waiting til the end of January to visit...