Saturday, 18 February 2012

By the Yarra

Off to Fed Square on a hazy, grey Saturday.
Going to the gallery with a friend.

Lots of folk taking photos so I took out my camera too.

We sat on a bench under an umbrella with a cuppa (yes, just one cup each) and chatted all morning. Then we went down to the riverside with the picnic we'd brought along and talked more.

A hot breeze puffed the scent of lemon gums all along the walkway.

We moved on up the path to the winebar in the old bluestone warehouses overlooking the river. They used to hold the bananas from Queensland a hundred years ago. Had some cool white wine. 
See - some people take their plants out for a drink.

We watched the ferries go down the Yarra to Williamstown.

But we were supposed to be going to the Potter to see the Western Desert artwork.

Have to do it next time!

Just got to the station in time.


Aldona Kmieć said...

Hi Liz!!
Just found your lovely comment online!!! "After a couple of years of just taking potshots with a huge and heavy donated camera, I finally bought myself a tiny camera from Aldi and have done a workshop with Aldona Kmiec Photographer whose evocative photos I saw at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale."

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NICE WORDS!! Feel free to join my mailing list for future workshops

Elizabeth said...

I loved your photos at the Biennale, Aldona, and was delighted to find you are an inspiring teacher. I will definitely follow any other workshops you give!