Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Light Horse

Some early morning photos, taken in Sturt St, of the statue just in front of the town hall. From one side it is a mounted soldier on a war memorial, triumphant.

Walk around the other side.

It's actually a rescue.

This is a memorial to the local men who fought in the bitter and infamous Boer War in support of Britain.

It is a memorial of imperialism - it also celebrates mateship.
 Of course I am susceptible to myths of  mateship. I was brought up on the old Victorian School Readers.  Childhood heroes are unforgettable.
(Those school readers will get a post to themselves very soon!)

There are light horsemen in the district still.
I watched the Creswick Light Horse riding down the road to the reopening of the Ballarat Arch of Victory last year with mixed feelings. Reminded of the old wars, but delighted by the horses  - one of them nibbled the Governor General's posy!


Suzanna said...

I love this statue..am very fond of horse statues and the parade! Tomorrow I go to Washington, DC and maybe I can find a horse statue to photograph...

Elizabeth said...

Yes please! I'm sure there are wonderful statues in Washington.