Monday, 13 February 2012

Lolly quilt

I took these pictures at night, with the new quilt-to-be over the bed, after a spot of hand-quilting, because I just couldn't leave it be even at 11pm.
My quilts are put together with luck and guesswork. Materials turn up, are scissor cut, hand sewn and quilted - and not made up too precisely. I measure by eye, fold material into squares and triangles, adjust as I sew. So they can be worked while I'm scrunched up in bed, on a rug in the park, sitting on the back step.

All these materials, save for one small piece, are second-hand, some very old - seventy years at least for a couple of old curtain remnants. No synthetics. Cotton, linen, wool and silk.

When I put the quilt together I had in mind a bag of lollies from a milkbar, so it has a much more pastel array of colour  than I usually choose.

The first two blocks were so formal and neat that I had to make  balancing blocks of bigger, more random shapes.So far I like it.

The friend I'm making it for has chosen a backing and border of red spotted with white, and that's all I have to do now, the border and the back.


Suzanna said...

It's just lovely...optimistic looking, and I can imagine how soft and comforting it feels...

mcg said...

Love it!!! And lovely to have caught up with the two of you too!

mcg said...

Love it! And lovely to catch up with you two too!

Elizabeth said...

Hello mcg, thanks for a really lovely day!
This piece has taken ages, but I hope to finish it soon - it has been a pleasure to potter along with it, and I'm looking forward to the spotty bit!