Monday, 9 April 2012

A quiet Easter

On Good Friday I ate my hot cross buns in bed. And read three books. And a magazine. And three sale catalogues.
With great pleasure, I discovered I wanted nothing in the catalogues.

On Saturday I wrote and knitted until late in the night. At 12pm I was still wreathed in a web of knitting,  dreaming away, working by lamp and firelight.

It was the quietest Easter-time for years. No egg painting party, no outings, no Easter egg hunt - just a little family lunch on Sunday. 
I didn't even go out to the Highland Pipe Band Competitions.

A chocolate bilby, a chocolate wombat, some eggs.
No rabbits.
Chocolate Rabbits aren't really lovely symbols of fertility to me - they bring to mind Malthusian overpopulation and destruction..
(No offence meant to any bunny in its right place).

I've been feeling a bit wobbly lately. The rest was very welcome.


Suzanna said...

Hope you're feeling better...there is such deliciousness
In rest. The knitting is beautiful...

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Suzanna! I just needed a rest. Knitting is so calming when it's just row after row of silky fibre. I might even get this finished before the cold really sets in.