Saturday, 21 April 2012

Generic dog

After a very short while the hole that Paddy & Kitty left in our lives grew too big to live with.
 I went down to the RSPCA a few times and found Mr Pip aka Pippy. He'd spent a couple of months in the adoption pens there as he's six, and while a lovely bloke, is not a spectacular dog. 

In fact, if these signs posted around our local lake are any guide, he is the generic dog.

 This is our Mr Pip.

He has obviously come from a loving home as he is a smart, gentle and trusting dog, used to rides in the car and living with people.

  He's still settling in and we are just getting used to each other, so I walk him on a'gentle leader' and am working on a suitable walking style with him. 
It's so lovely to have an energetic  dog to walk with. We've been on 3, 4 5 km walks most days.

He likes to have a rug outside. He carts it off with him to each new spot in the yard, drops it and sits on it.


Suzanna said...

Mr. Pip is beautiful..what a kindly face he has. It makes such a difference to have a dog in the house...congratulations! Wish he and Miss Gilly could meet...

Elizabeth said...

Dogs are happiness generators I find (of course I like dogs around the house and garden)and they're the best incentive to getting out first thing in the morning.
Pity dogs don't blog - Gilly would have a lot of followers!