Sunday, 22 April 2012

Long walk

All right, we'll go for a LONG walk.

Around the glittery lake first

past the old paddleboat - which I've never ridden on.

That's 3 kilometres.

Then 1 km to the park. Shall we take the long way home?

Parts of the park are still glowing.

parts are in shadow.

Slashes of sunlight through the last avenue along Sturt Street.

Almost home.


Suzanna said...

Mr. Pip looks like a lovely walker...the long legs! Even with her short legs, Gilly is an enthusiastic walker...we are working out the manners and protocol of it all in short little jaunts...

Elizabeth said...

Gilly sounds so much fun (and yes, I did notice the bit about frequent trips outside with her at night!)
And Pip is a great walking companion - just what I was needing. Hooray for dogs!