Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dogs and gardens

In the picture above Miss Kitty (glimpsed far right) is approaching the zucchinis to nibble the flowers - who knows why as not even snails eat these as far as I can tell. The zucchinis now live beyond the pale, safely enclosed by chook netting and string.

Miss Kitty and Paddy the dog would sit happily on any young and tender greenery and eat any berries and tasty shoots.
So where the edibles grow there are fences and barricades.

The rest of my garden is a bit wild and messy and the dogs can potter as they please.

Behind the fences are quite a few treasures including my new camellia sinensis or tea bushes.

You have to peer closely to catch a glimpse of this camellia as it is thickly mulched against the scorching heat and closely cuddled by pots of mint, bushes of parsley and borage and marigolds to shade its tender leaves.

Camellias generally do very well here but they need to setttle in, put their roots down and grow masses of tough leaves to get through the summer.

I have hopes of my own fresh-grown green tea next spring.

Although the dogs make more work in the garden, they make that work more pleasant. I love their amiable company while I weed and fence and water and move pots.

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