Sunday, 4 January 2009

Moving inland

I'm a writer an a maker of textile pieces. I moved out of the big smoke to an old goldfields town a couple of years ago and am still amazed at how lucky I am to be living here. I've been enjoying other people's blogs and have decided to try one too. I hope I can use the process to pay a bit more attention to each day.

It's been an unusually rainy and cool December , very welcome after 13 years of drought. I love rain and cool weather so I walked a lot, enjoyed the brief puddles and had a great burst of sewing.
All my quilts are handsewn from materials found in Op shops or that I've been given. I admire any well-made quilt but the heart of patchwork and quilting seems to me to be the magical remaking of something discarded or damaged.I've found 16 Op shops in this town to fossick in, and there are more in the towns round about.

Finishing a winter quilt on a rainy spring day with the last winter lemon.

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