Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lunar New Year

This past week has been the week of Chinese New Year or the lunar new year. This year we haven't gone in to Little Bourke St in Melbourne to watch the lion dances outside the Chinese restaurants & groceries and smell the gunpowder from the fusillades of crackers. It is too hot.
Four days of over 40 degrees centigrade heat has withered us.

I took all these photos outside at 9.30 am on Thursday last and the heat was blasting, the sky too blue to look at, the shadows inky black in contrast.

The rainwater tank, our great luxury has kept the fruit trees alive through these burning days.
I chose a water tank over air conditioning & I don't regret that choice. We closed the windows, pulled the curtains and cooled ourselves & the dogs down with wet cloths and watermelon. Last night the long-awaited southerly blew away the worst of the heat and we all revived.

Now I can say it and mean it - Happy New Year!

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