Sunday, 17 May 2009

Cameras and quilts

I went out to a great op shop in Dana Street to get more pure cotton shirts for a blue and white quilt I've been working on. I can get a lot of good material on their five dollar bag days.
I love the beautiful old church hall, but this time I really looked at the tiles paving the entrance and saw a quilt pattern that I will have to make up soon.

It was a grey, drizzly warm day with a bit of sun, a day you might see a rainbow and so I took along the camera to experiment. It's big and clunky and I still feel selfconscious using it, but it is proving to be a wonderful way to make me take a fresh look around me.

Taking photos made me look again at this building, and processing the pictures I took gave me some fresh ideas for quilts. The same tiles seen from another direction emphasise different colours and parts of the design.

The dramatic windows are also inspiring. These are spare and industrial, and I have some fabrics that I am putting together in a new way having looked again at these above the door.

I haven't a good picture of the gorgeously floral windows in the second hand book section. They remind me of the quilt I'm well into and that I've described to myself as having a pink Victorian gothic feeling. I'll try to take some decent images of them and post them next week. Good practice for me and a joy to look at if I can manage it.

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