Thursday, 28 May 2009

Winter florals

I've been finding more and more material for a quilt that is growing out of the Dark Days quilt I began after the bushfires. The two are proceding in tandem. I think because I find it hard to work only in dark colours, the colourful quilt keeps both works alive.
These materials came from the Op shop at Creswick and from the wonderful Beaufort Op Shop.
Yin and I used to go to Beaufort for the real French croissants made by the real French chef in Cafe Jour. Sadly the cafe has just closed, I don't know why, but the Op Shop remains.

I have some holiday time to sew and write and research, and I've been very busy. Books, materials, plants are making me happy.

Here are some winter buds from the yellow tea rose next to the bare peach and quince trees. This rose has a cool, wintry, tea scent that is unlike any of the other perfumes in my garden.

My very first camellia. I brought it in from the garden this evening. Unfortunately I couldn't catch the drops of evening rain on its petals for you.

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