Tuesday, 20 October 2009

After a year

This morning I took some pictures of Victoria Park as I walked the dogs. I realise it's been almost a year since I posted a similar picture - when I began to use a camera and to write online as well as on paper.
I began blogging to share some of my life with people in Melbourne I didn't see so much when I moved to Ballarat. However my friends and family didn't read it! They preferred letters and phonecalls and visits.

But I came to love the process of looking closely at my day, using images to focus my words. I read other blogs, followed links, learned a lot, and I found some writers whose posts became a vital part of my day.

A few days ago I took another step and put out a few comments. And I got some back. Thank you! I feel full of spring, like the yellow lilies in the park.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to make new online friends :) I'm just about to head to Vic park with my dog to take advantage of this glorious Spring day.

Elizabeth said...

As one dog walker to another I have to ask - what sort of dog?

Anonymous said...

A ten month old kelpie with lots of energy. We've been spending two hours a day at the park recently. It's nice to have the time to indulge in spending so long outdoors every day. What sort of dogs do you have?

Elizabeth said...

Two refugees from the Melbourne Lost Dogs' Home. We've had them 13 years. The labX is a smart hoon and the Old English X Border collie is a darling. (I know, I know, SIZE!, but I made the mistake of taking the 2 little and the grown up boy when we went there and I had no say). The dogs don't walk far now.