Thursday, 15 October 2009

camellias and silk to remember

This post is in memory of a bit of Ballarat I loved. Sadly there doesn't seem to have been much local comment on its passing.

In order to modernise the golf course, build a new housing estate and widen the road into Ballarat the long, deep, shady avenue of beautiful old pine trees, alongside the Avenue of Honour, has been obliterated.

Huge old trees, mysterious little old sheds, deep pine-needle paths,

all the scent and colour that cooled summer walks and sheltered winter ones have gone in a few weeks.

The old pro store must have had the mossiest roof in Ballarat. Behind the store there are some doomed camellia bushes and I'm trying to grow some cuttings from them.

This is my nifty miniature cutting greenhouse made from a plastic raspberry container.

I did the Gardening Australia thing and dipped the cuttings in the best redgum honey.

Here are some of the camellia flowers that I picked when the dogs and I slipped behind the wrecker's fence.

I'm making a scarf for a friend from rescued pieces of fog-grey and camellia-coloured silk. She loved the old avenue too.


Princess Haiku said...

So you are a poet in fog grey sky and camellia dreams. I like this miniature green house. It looks useful for saving flowers.

Elizabeth said...

The world flows on very quickly, but I like to hold some things in words and pictures - just for a little.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

I had no idea about this beautiful part of Ballarat. It's shameful that such a beautiful area can be destroyed all in the name of "progress". Very beautiful photos Elizabeth. I'm enjoying your blog :)


Elizabeth said...

Sorry Julie, I lost your comment on the gate - I'm a bit clumsy with comments. Luckily there are still lots of magical places in Ballarat. Let's cherish them.

erica said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that this beautiful spot will be going away. I hate when that happens! But I love that you're preserving bits of it. The container garden is wonderufl, and those are some beautiful silk fabrics.

Elizabeth said...

I think I'm glad other people have had a chance to see it the way I see it, so I'm glad you shared it with me.