Sunday, 4 October 2009

Larking about Daylesford

We woke up to a warm dry morning - third in a row - and drove over to Daylesford. At the Sunday market I found a yellow glass platter and a bag of garden-grown grapefruit. Yin bought the serious food while I pottered.

Then I found the new Lark shop. At Last. I've been following it's creation on the Lark blog spot The shop was as charming as I expected and I bought a little Ladybird purse and MixTape Zine.

When I got home, late in the afternoon, a desperate dog insisted that he, I and Kitty-the-sheepdog set out at once for a walk.

Kitty was happily lying in the grubbiest spot in the garden, but she was willing to come along too - when she'd thought it over for a bit.

The plum blossom has already gone above the side gate and we walked out under a mass of deep purple native hibiscus. Daylight saving began this morning and summer is on its way.

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