Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hard patchwork

I took some piccies of the textures of  stone and brick on Wednesday.

This is a bluestone building on the corner of Mair and Lydiard Streets. I like the appliqued motifs.

I love the way the stonemasons left the block surfaces textured - there are some bluestone buildings where the surface of the blocks are flat and smooth. I prefer this.

Quilts are made of blocks, and the best (for me) are constructed of patterns, repeating motifs that can satisfy or tantalise the eye.
And now I must make some quilts with ghostly doors in them, just like this one in the Gallery lane walls.

or this one


jude said...

what a a great post. i love these pictures. i am often inspired by architecture.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jude - I'm not a good photographer but I have a lot of fun. Ballarat is full of pleasures for people who like pottering around looking at stuff!