Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Monday morning

Walking the dog down the back lane I found golden apples and stripey pelargoniums and a gate for my collection

I admired my harvest while I had breakfast. It was early enough to flick through some Thaw magazines before work. Reading Thaw makes me happy to live in Ballarat.
Normally Monday morning is just a rush to work.
Maybe I should practice getting up early every Monday.


Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

freefalling said...

I've saved up all my comments for one giant comment:
I LOVE your lyrebird tea-tray cloth - I recently found two sliding doors with glass panels that have lyrebirds etched on them (at the salvage guy's place next to the tip in Ararat).
I also loved your 'ephemeral' post.
Extraordinary how quickly they disappear.
And I thought the dragonfly 'coming back to life' was beautiful - we have lots of dragonflies around at the moment.
How is your crabapple jelly?
I've never tasted it before - what's it like?
I'm a fan of geraniums and pelargoniums - but I haven't got a stripy one like that. My nurseryman calls them 'stinkin old things' - eh, what does he know?
Thank you for the link to THAW - great to learn all about them.

Elizabeth said...

Well Freefalling and its sister blog have been a real pleasure to me - love the horse poo, the jams & jellies, the Port Fairy pics!
Crab apple jelly is like quince in colour, also tangy but a little sweeter than quince and no scent. I'm sure you'll find crab apples in Ararat - it seems such a place of plenty! Do post the lyre bird doors.

Kim and Ro said...

Thanks for the shout out to us at Thaw, and thanks for your nice comment too. Will be sad to stop, but who knows, it may continue with someone else. x