Saturday, 22 May 2010

Frost in May

This morning the dandelion clocks were frosted and the roses blurred with ice.

But I love winter and the frost. Kitty the sheepdog loves the cold too. She's nearly 14, and is taking life easy now, but this morning she dragged me off to the park

We both sighed with pleasure when we got there.

Kitty adores frost and cold. She rolled and ran like crazy and was soon speckled all over with ice.

Lots of happy dog pics - if she had a camera you'd see happy human pics too.

I had fun in my own way.

Even juice cartons

bits of paper

and fenceposts are beautiful under frost.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth..this is grace, windthread...
your images of your world are
very appealing to me. i am finding it interesting that i feel
a sisterhood to women in Australia...
thank you for leaving your mark at my little blog space...

Elizabeth said...

So lovely that you visited. I am intrigued by your work. Isn't the wweb wonderful!