Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lucky dip

Sitting at home with a bandaid on my nose (bouncy dog, tripped over, rosebush) and grumpy after a tiring week, discord and dishes, I opened my library book.

Look what I found - someone wrote a letter on a paper napkin, perhaps from a cafe near the library, and slipped it into a book of illustrated stories (Flight vol 1). They left a bookmark too - a gift, a token?

The mystery of it has charmed me out of my gloom.

It's not mine to keep so I'll put it back in the book and send it on its way.


Suzanna said...

What a lovely mystery!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I'm looking for magical moments lately - I need them - and seem to be finding them.

Suzanna said...

Yes, I think just being receptive opens doors, or maybe it opens our eyes to what we'd not have noticed otherwise. I'm glad you're finding them.