Saturday, 12 June 2010

Different points of view

I was going to l'espresso Friday morning to get a morning cuppa (this cafe is my favourite in Ballarat). It was just on 8 am and since I had my camera I took a picture of the crane on the fountain by the Base hospital.

Changes as as I move around the dry fountain.

The frogs around the basin are the best!


freefalling said...

Brings to mind Sidney Long's painting
'The Spirit of the Plains".
(But I think they might be brolgas - but brolgas are cranes, aren't they?)

Elizabeth said...

I think they must be brolgas, now you mention it - and the pelicans of the base pillar are perhaps from that great Aussie ballad poem "where the pelican builds her nest".
There is a brochure that tells you all about the Sturt St statues - and I've never read it!