Saturday, 5 June 2010


This cold winter weather seems just right for silk and wool work.

Now that it's deliciously cold and wet and grey I've covered the couch with cosy rugs and got out the knitting. Last year I learned to knit beanies and made 18 of them. This year I started on a a shawl of fine pink mohair wool found in the Op shop and a  rug of soft, white, wool squares. These are being knitted to my own designs (plain & purl and no decreasing).
Then madness struck. I found some last year's knitting mags for 20 cents apiece and saw patterns for SOCKS. And I had leftover wool in a mandarin orange colour - just right for the season.

But the sock patterns in the magazines were written in a foreign language (sl., k, incr, patt) so I got a very simple sock book with a picture for every stitch (just about). And I will knit socks. At least two.
I may never get up from the couch.

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