Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hillside house

Here's another lovely old Ballarat house that has resisted being done up .

You have to walk right round it to really appreciate it.

Turn the corner.

See that window - you'd be almost underground in there.

But the back verandah looks right over the tree tops, as the hill dips down very sharply.


Suzanna said...

What an interesting old house. How nice it would be to sit on the verandah to sew. I wonder what the view is like from there?

Elizabeth said...

If you sat on that back verandah you'd look east over the trees and gardens going steeply down the hill and across to Black Hill and Brown Hill. Trees and birds and old Victorian cottages.

Suzanna said...

It must have very high ceilings. Is the front door set at an angle? It seems to be in one picture but not the other.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the door is on an angle. I didn't take a picture of the two little girls all beanied and gloved up against the cold, who came out of the house with their dad and drove off as I walked up.
The house may be about to be mended and painted. A good thing, probably, but I wanted to remember it this way as I have romanced about it for years!

grounded pleasures said...

this would be the best cafe - sitting outside there in summer would be ace... I love this post as I have always wandered past and wondered about this place (as I love round the corner)... glad I stumbled upon your blog! :)

Elizabeth said...

yes, I've always loved cafes,they public and personal too. If this was a cafe I would have to go twice a day - coffee out front, street watching, & maybe hot chocolate watching the clouds in the evening sky out the back.