Saturday, 23 July 2011

Creswick in winter

We went out to Creswick last Wednesday, a beautiful cold, misty day.

Woodsmoke from the chimneys of many little cottages along the Clunes Road scented the air.

We stopped off at the cemetery first.

Where the Cemetery Trust (and in the country that generally means volunteers) keep things shipshape and welcoming for visitors.

The dead lie in the appropriate street, and social niceties are observed in death as in life,

And the living console the dead.

Then off back to town, stopping at the best milkbar in the district for lollies

You  can get pies, milk, plants, papers and  entertainment here and you can post your letters.
Outside is a magnificent tree I've admired since I first saw it. The native bush in Creswick was savaged in the goldrush and later a lot of land (not all) was replanted with pines and exotics for forestry, so this tree is special.

We walked through Calembeen Park, the site of the former Chinese camp on the Black Lead, now a spring-fed swimming pool and recreation centre.

When we crossed the bridge to the bushland area

We found a little plaque on the bridge that remembers Mr Hannie Kay.


Suzanna said...

This is such a lovely ramble...thank you for taking us along. What sort of temperatures are you having there?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

amidst the turmoil of the world i thought to come to Ballarat this morning...good thing, to go on a visit to Creswick.
the peacefulness of your world is strong.
and i love the mountain quilt, poetry within the stitches, the images.
this is a good place.
love, g

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna and grace - sorry I've not replied but I've been everywhere but this blog lately. I'd just dropped inm briefly awhile back to publish your comments but I have been thinking about your words and have beentyhinking about why I put stuff up here!
grace I loved your noren/ deep and empty circle piece!