Monday, 18 July 2011

Snowball season in Ballarat

Snowballs are seasonal here in Ballarat, unlike Melbourne where you can get them year round. Wilson's keeps them in jars by the cash register - but only in season - and deprived of them during the hot months, I awaited winter with anticipation.

Three weeks ago the chocolate shop in Mair Street put up a sign  'Snowballs in Season'. Yes! I bought a bag of snowballs.

Then out along the Clunes Rd this morning I stopped at a milkbar (which will have its own post later) and bought two lovely fresh snowballs. The milkbar owner confirmed that snowballs had only been in season "about three weeks".

 Snowballs are delicate, moist marshmallow balls with a shadow of a chocolate coating and a flutter of shredded coconut.
I'll make the most of them while they're around!


Kittie France said...

I LOVE snowballs! I have only had the crass commercial versions, and didn't ever think there may be a tradition here. Do you think they are peculiar to our part of the world, or where do they come from? I've never seen them anywhere else.

Elizabeth said...

I must say Kitty that Ballarat & region have the best snowballs ever. Smaller but moister and more marshmallowy than Melbourne ones. Jelly slices here are pretty good too.