Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Paddy and yoga

Paddy is seventeen, really old for a labrador. He spends a lot of time lazing around. However he is a tough old beast - we describe him as the Holden ute of the dog world - and he maintains his reputation for stirring.

Shut out from yoga practice, because he will join in despite shouting and most unspiritual insults,

he goes off to occupy The Forbidden Chair.


Katherine Bowman said...

hello dear Paddy and Liz. 17! Please give him a pat from me. Hope that you are all well xxx

Elizabeth said...

Do you remember we sometimes walked Paddy and Milly up Ruckers Hill to have a coffee - and how good Milly was? And how Paddy never let a chance go by?
Give Young Milly a pat for us both!

Suzanna said...

Paddy looks to be such a fine fellow with perhaps a touch of mischief about him. And I do like the look of those snowballs and wonder if they are crunchy on the outside? I don't think we have anything like that here. Putting all my comments in at once, I also am glad to see your lovely quilt!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I tried to comment on your lovely dove piece but something went wrong so I'll do it here. another beauty. The Flickr gallery of your work is great.
Yes, the old Pads is still full of mischief, but has to steal socks very slowly now!
Only very inferior snowballs have a hard crunchy chocolate crust, the best (as in Ballarat), have just the thinnest coating of chocolate, the merest taste. I think we will have to export you some snowballs, but not until winter!