Monday, 18 July 2011

Sewing mountains and rivers without end

I wanted to make a small quilt for myself and have been sewing away in bursts  for a month or so.

Once the top was stitched together I found old, soft Indian cotton for the backing and tacked it on without ironing it. Using it just as it came fresh from a drying wind on the clothes line. It will be very soft and a bit rumpled when it is quilted .

I love sewing quilts. Each quilt evokes poems I love as I work on it, and those particular poems remain sewn into the quilt for me.

Leaves gathered from  the streets form the patterns for quilting.

and I am almost ready to quilt. 

I still have to find one last piece. this was a fairly tightly contained pattern so I have let the cranes fly in over the mountains at the top and I am looking for something to dwell in the river below. maybe a carp, maybe a dragon.
Once again, the pics are bigger than the frame of the blog. If you click on this you will see the whole quilt reasonably clearly.

Almost ready to quilt - just need to get that last little bit!

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