Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blue birds of happiness

Letty, who creates the marvellously evocative blog Poof - And It's Gone, commented on my blue birds yesterday.  They are sewn from this pattern on Spool and they are a great pleasure to make.
Of course you could give them eyes or wings or any other details that seem right to you, but the only thing I've changed from the original pattern is to quilt their tails, which gives them better balance and a little more shape.

When I have two more I'll set them on a mobile of lichened branches.

They are particularly nice to hold if made of pure cotton and stuffed with wool.



freefalling said...

Thanks Elizabeth for saying such nice things about my blog - it's easy to take interesting photos when we live in such a lovely part of the world.

Ooo - I followed your link - it does look like an easy enough pattern for even ME to follow (when I have to sew something I try to use a nailgun and fabric glue wherever possible!).
I love the mobile idea - and it looks like it would be fun to have a go.
I especially love your last shot - the two birds on the right look like they are talking to one another.
You must show us when you finish your project.

Wanna see some of my staple-gun sewing? I reckon it turned out not too bad - especially if you don't look at it too closely!

Elizabeth said...

Love the blue and green stool, I think I have to get a staple gun too!

jude said...

love these.....

Elizabeth said...

love your winter cloths too!