Sunday, 24 January 2010

Confused chrysanthemum

Summer is not a time for flowers in my garden as I limit water to herbs and trees, but I do have a few pots and this chrysanthemum has been flowering for a couple of weeks now - completely out of season.

Perhaps, as in an old Chinese story, the chrysanthemum spirit is grateful for her rescue - I found the plant withering in a supermarket last year - or perhaps it is my miraculous worm tea. I dosed all the pots with it before Christmas.

Maybe she is encouraged by her neighbours, the pine and the bamboo?

In season or not, she is very welcome.


freefalling said...

You have worm tea?
How do you find having a worm farm?
I think I might like to try one.

Elizabeth said...

My worm farm is really nifty - see
I found it at Ballarat Lakeside Farmers Market, but have seen them in lots of places.
I got about 3 buckets of worm tea over winter when they were a bit quiet, living in the bath safe from frostbite. Now they're outside they're responding to the heat very happily - though keeping them from roasting on a real scorcher takes a bit of care.I think I boasted about it in an earlier post Hay, worms & happiness (Ithink.) I'm tapping another bucket of WT this arvo.
It is, as advertised, odourless.