Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Can I love these hot days?

After scorching weather for a few days and nights with 40 degree heat (that's 100 & over for fahrenheit people) there's been a little cooling off period and  some warm rain is falling softly on this muggy evening.

I dread the heat and tend to hide away from it but it's going to stay hot here for awhile so I thought I should list some things I can celebrate in mid-summer.

Clothes dry in an hour, no matter how drippy they were when you hung them up, and they smell as if they've been hot-ironed, a lovely, clean, scorched-cotton smell when you fold them up and put them away.

You can lie naked in the night, all your bones melting into the warmth, drifting off to sleep while crickets sing outside and perfume wafts in from the garden (not on 40 degree nights - but I'm not going there, this is about the good stuff).

There's watermelon and peaches and drippy fruit to eat, salads suddenly are completely satisfying and you don't even want to look at cream and cheese and such.

You can spend all day in the garden with a book or sewing because the weeds aren't growing much. What's going to grow is growing and you might as well just let it go just as it will (of course there's the endless buckets of recycled water to cart out - but this is just about the good stuff).

You can walk barefoot everywhere and your feet just feel happy (but not on asphalt on a 40 + degree day)

You can make lots of papier mache stuff because it dries really fast.

You don't need a hair dryer.

No woolly jumpers.

And the summer sky is breathtakingly blue.


Love_Again said...

thank you. i need to keep all this in mind.

Elizabeth said...

So what do you love about midsummer? It would hearten me to have more to celebrate!

freefalling said...

And the strawberries and tomatoes in the vegie patch ripen quickly.
And you can eat icy-poles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Love your description of the washing - I love the feel and smell of freshly laundered cotton sheets.

Elizabeth said...

Yes the icypoles!Fantastic to discover someone else knows this pleasure - I thought I was the one and only breakfast alien.