Tuesday, 19 January 2010

January 2010

The grapevine and I have both been scribbling away this month.

I 've been back at work a few weeks now. I haven't gone far or seen many people. It's been a quiet time.

I found 3 metres of cotton material for $2.50 in the Wendouree Op Shop to finish off the Carnivale quilt. I did wash it but I haven't ironed it, as you can see.

And I found this dress. It's just like my favourite dress when I was 17, but this dress is only a couple of years old. Memories drift around it as it hangs on the door.

I read a favourite book for the third time.

I finished a basket of birds (I gave the red and pink ones as Christmas presents), found a new cup and saucer, started a new diary, got my pencils out.

And I've been watching/listening to Bush Slam. In two minutes I'll be in front of the TV as Sam Wagan Watson and Kate Fagan make and perform poems at Yarrabah. Try Hotel Bone if you haven't read Sam Wagan Watson yet - there are youtube and other sites to hear him read etc. if you like this.


freefalling said...

You've had a fruitful couple of weeks!
Don't you think the grape tendril looks a little like a treble clef?
I see the same pattern repeating itself in your photos - the fabric, the fabric in the frock, the new cup,
your notebook and of course, your birds (which I think are fabulous).

Elizabeth said...

Yes - that grapevine has some fascinating twists and curls right now.
I'll put a link to the free bird pattern up as soon as I can find it, if you like sewing it's a good one - very quick.
I can't find a spot to comment on your photos in Freefalling so I'll say here that I love how your photos have such a rich sense of place.

freefalling said...

Thanks Elizabeth - that's a very kind thing to say.
I was originally inspired to post at Poof - And It's Gone by this blog - you might find it interesting:
It's just an attempt to catch all those little moments that we overlook in our everyday life.

Elizabeth said...

I'll have a look, but catching daily moments can be a bit dull -unless the right moments are chosen, and the photos work and a bit of the essential spirit of the place is captured. I'm not being too kind I think!