Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Reading list for the last days of January

With the Australia Day long weekend and a flex day off, this week is perfectly free for lounging about with books. Because I've enjoyed other people's reading lists lately, I've listed four books I've put aside for reading over the tail end of January.

In this collection, I'm just going to read HD's poem of the blitz in London in the second world war, The walls do not fall

I was very impressed with what Gerald Murnane writes about writing, but haven't made it past the first few pages of this famous novel. I'm going to persist this time.

I've read a couple of Raymond Carver's most anthologised stories, including of course, the story So Much Water Close to Home which inspired Paul Kelly's song Everything's Turning to White and the recent Australian film Jindabyne, and I'm looking forward to reading several of his stories one after the other.

And last and most luscious, the fifth book of Corinna, baker, investigator, friend of Goths and witches and resident of the Melbourne we really want to live in.


freefalling said...

I hate to admit it, but I've never heard of "The Plains" (nor of Gerald Murnane).
This week one of Kate Grenville's novels arrived in the mail (99c on ebay-bargain!!) - The Idea of Perfection.

Elizabeth said...

But isn't that the joy of browsing other people's blogs - all the books you never knew about? You should see my list of 'books to find out about'! (prhaps you shouldn't)
I will also admit here that I still haven't read "The Plains" - but I will, I will.
I did like "The Idea of Perfection". It doesn't seem to get much mention when Kate G is discussed. My copy was a bargain too.