Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cooling down

Yesterday, Wednesday, a storm of wind and rain rolled over and a tree lost some branches.

Small creatures escaped from the vast puddles

with great effort

Some members of the household got under as many things as they could when they heard the thunder

and refused to come out even when they were offered a treat.

The rain gauge began to fill.

Wonderful summer rain.


freefalling said...

isn't it just?
our grass is jumping out of the ground - the heat and then the rain has made it super-charged!

Elizabeth said...

And it's great weather for weeding. Stuff comes out really easily, the whole garden smells great and you know that pile is going to compost down really fast!
Actually I don't weed much - not when it's too cold, not when it's too hot and certainly not when the ground is baked hard, so the garden is looking rather unlike itself today!