Saturday, 13 February 2010

Eve of the Year of the Tiger

New Year's Eve and a burst of nostalgia (again).

I got out our tin toys, which we always set out, and a couple of token tigers for the Year of the Tiger.

Since Yin's family have happily adopted Christmas, I have had no qualms in adopting Chinese New Year.
They reign over the real stuff - glorious food, ceremony and red packets etc., while I make use of the occasion for mass production of paper cuts, New Year pictures, wood (lino) cut cards, and miniscule bangs and sparkles at our house. When it comes to glitz, glue and glitter I never let a chance go by.

Some of our old knives and ink and seals.  Chinese ink sticks smell fabulous, and even plastic-bottled ink is fragrant. It's worth having just to smell every now and then. 

I think I'll make some new little prints, but not for New Year now, I've left it too late.

The poppers and sparklers were leftovers I found in our New Year box (Yes I have a box for every occasion). They were my attempt to make up to the boys  for the ban on fireworks and crackers.

Don't you love the 'Hello Kitty' red packets? I got extras last year so I could have some too. (They are supposed to go to the kids in the family).

Tomorrow we're catching the train into Melbourne to watch the Lion Dances in Little Bourke Street and to have a family yum cha. Bliss!

By the way I managed to make this a felicitous 111th post!

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