Sunday, 21 February 2010

One plum

Yin and I went to a pot-luck supper, a monthly BREAZE event which was held at the new Buninyong community gardens. It was small and friendly and we had lots to chat about. The food was home-cooked and mostly home-grown.
There are only a few plots being gardened at the moment, as you can see in the photo, but it's a beginning.

When we went home we solemnly ate the one blood plum that the birds left us on our baby plum tree. One day we'll have a little orchard of fruit trees - and one day there'll be an urban orchard in Ballarat with lots of fruit to share.

"From little things big things grow..."


freefalling said...

That was very kind of the birds.
A bit like the ants in our garden who are munching away on our strawberries.

We have 2 big bags full of blood plums at the moment, courtesy of our neighbour. She also keeps us in oranges during winter and the empty old house behind us has mulberries and figs at the moment and in autumn apples - then there is the vacant block 3 houses down - white peaches and apricots. I love living here.

Last year we planted lots of baby fruit trees - a locquat, a white mulberry, a black mulberry, a double-grafted orange, a mandarin, a lemon, a white nectarine and a grape vine and a gooseberry bush.
We have a mature yellow peach tree that has THE best peaches I have ever eaten - they won't be ready for about another month.
And over at Pendlebury Hill we have an apricot, a yellow plum and 2 apple trees with 6 different grafts.

I'm still keen to plant a quince (LOVE quince jelly)

Elizabeth said...

Ah, I see you already have an orchard!
I've got a baby loquat, 2 quinces, 3 apples, 2 plums (blood plum and greengage), a purple grape, a grapefruit, eureka lemon, yellow peach, baytree, white nectarine, fig, 4 feijoas, strawberry guava, avocado, 4 hazelnuts, an almond and a tea camellia. One day I hope to have enough to give away baskets, but they are all very small now. Really I am not a gardener, just a dreamer!