Monday, 1 February 2010

Five things

Five good things to begin the month of February.

Mooncake tins that my sister-in-law collected for me - I am the family repository for empty tins, and the best ones are those that contained mooncakes. No matter how many tins I am given, I can always find things to keep in them

New patches - this is the first time I've included synthetic fabrics with my usual silks, cottons and linens. I had a joyful frenzy of cutting and tacking and playing mix and match on Saturday night while listening to Billie Holliday


The new tube of toothpaste coincided with the new toothbrush - how often does this happen?

A  ricotta recipe that works beautifully thanks to the September 2009 post 'Pour, drain, twist, eat' on six and a half stitches. I like it best made with goat's milk. (Coles supermarket stocks goat milk if you are far from a goat farm)

I found this magical  book by John Masefield, which may need a post to itself. Later. Tomorrow.


freefalling said...

My Italian mother-in-law makes the best ricotta and nutmeg cake - served warm, it's totally indulgent.
Love the little tins with the faces.

Elizabeth said...

Does this mean you might share the ricotta cake recipe? But I know that these family delights are often closely guarded secrets so I won't expect you to defy your mother-in-law!
I do have a great passion-fruit short cake to exchange though.