Sunday, 14 February 2010

Yum cha

Here we are wandering down Little Bourke Street at 10.30 on a Sunday morning, off to Sharks Fin House.

We have a New Year routine. Get in early and watch the Lion dance teams kit up, eat at the first Yum cha session then race out and follow a lion as it dances around a few businesses and maybe catch the Dai Loong waking up. It's a busy day.

Lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice - the fragrance of the lotus leaf is  wonderful

The prawn and scallop steamed dumpling looked like a flower bud, with delicately pink edges.

Just like a moody moment in a Hong Kong film, yes?

We did the lions and stuff and finally went back to Ballarat via Footscray market.

Where Yin happily replenished our stocks of dried Chinese goodies

and sadly, the roast duck shop was shut.

But we did find one last lion team, of very young dancers with neon ear plugs.


Sue said...

Hi, and thanks for your comment on my blog. This all looks so interesting. I had forgotten it was Chinese new year. Best wishes to you.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for your comment. i can only communicate through comments at the moment as I'm having google trouble and can't seem to use anyone's email on their blogs - get a 'default mail client not properly installed' message. can't find online help about this & still searching.

freefalling said...

My Dad is mad for Chinatown.
Every time he comes down from Qld we have to go.
I think he thinks he's going to run into a long lost relative (his grandfather was Chinese).
He would have loved to been there for NY.

Elizabeth said...

Yes I love it too, there's nothing like that mix of drums and gunpowder-smoke! Were your Chinese ancestors from round here or up in Queensland?