Monday, 2 August 2010

Beautifully wet

I was so happy on Sunday to walk around Lake Wendouree and watch the swans feeding and nesting.

The dogs are too old for long, cold, wet winter walks but I'm not.

Water is filling up Lake Wendouree again, a mix of natural rainfall, stormwater and top-ups from other water systems. While I don't think this is the best use of our scarce water, my feelings are quite different. I am full of joy to see water gleaming in the lake again.

The sun came and went between showers of rain. I just walked on, drinking it all in. As the rain came and went, so the light changed.

It was a bit chilly but I had a little thermos of hot tea in my jacket pocket to keep me warm.

 Mist and rain over the town.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i just went back through your
days to Jan. 4, 2009 to your
i liked that...seeing how you
wanted to look more closely at
your days...and you have.

Elizabeth said...

Blogging is a public process and that produces a discipline that a diary can lack and so shapes a recognisable form/voice.
It is a bubble-blowing compared to producing a book or an exhibition but holds awhile in the world while conversations are gone when spoken.

Elizabeth said...

I should never try to comment when bleary eyed & caffeine-less 30 minutes before I go to work. it did make sense at the time...

Suzanna said...

These photos are lovely...I like to see the winter...I can feel tiny hints of fall in the air here...perhaps it is in the changing light. I'm glad you have a lake again.

Elizabeth said...

That was a beautiful lake you went to recently,Suzanna,the one with with the white sand beach. It is fun to be in winter here & see summer unroll elsewhere!
I do enjoy winter, this is not a fierce season in Victoria. Summer is our fierce season.

Suzanna said...

All those swans...they must be glad to be able to come back here also. Where did they go when the lake was gone? What you said about blogging is good. I feel more connected to others through my short journey in blogging than I did in years of hoping to publish my books.

Elizabeth said...

I've been really appreciating blogging lately. So many good people to know about. The writing has been very satisfying too, keeping a balance between true feeling but allowing a little space - because I like that little space where you just don't know everything - that's fun.
As for the swans, those that wouldn't go were kindly taken off by the rangers and rearranged on water further off, but they like their home spot and they are back and really busy nesting now.