Thursday, 19 August 2010

Galahs this time

It has been rather an avian week. I have spent a day with a friend in Melbourne who is caring for two galahs which have been too injured to ever be returned to a wild life.

These two roam house and garden (under supervision in case of cats or eagles) and were  constantly on the move, checking things out and commenting on them. They could be found anywhere - pouncing on toes from under a chair, raiding the compost bin, opening the cupboard doors, even in the woodbox of the stove. I think they are charmingly exhausting, but their carer wouldn't be without them.

I'm not good at catching moving objects and these birds move fast!

I was bowled over by the beauty of his feathers and his unquenchable cockiness.

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Suzanna said...

What a beautiful is amazing to me that they roam free have really had lots of bird adventures this week...there is something in the tree behind my house...I can't see it, but it has many sounds...perhaps like a parrot.
This week a pigeon visited. The more time I spend in my back yard, the more interesting it becomes. Thank you for these stories.