Saturday, 21 August 2010

Just a tingle of pink

Yesterday it was a bright, cold winter's day. Quite definitely winter. Geraniums are winter flowers to me - I love that sharp red on grey days. Geraniums come inside in their clay pots and white china saucers (Yes I'm obsessive about this!) when the weather turns too cold for the dogs to spend their days outside.

Jonquils are also a winter pleasure. They smell so rich in the cold air.

But this morning I picked the first twigs of spring  blossom.

And outside tonight there was a pink tingle in the air, just a tinge of spring.


Suzanna said...

I love the idea of the pink tingle! And hearing of the seasons we're just beginning to anticipate fall...the light slants a little more and the days are suddenly noticeably shorter...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

oh! i missed a LOT!
last i was here was for the rain much since!

what do you do with the colored

Elizabeth said...

Comments are playing up! I keep trying to add one, just to say I love to hear from you, Suzanna and grace, and that the pencils are to scribble with and dream up stuff.