Sunday, 1 August 2010

Flowers and foxes

A full day. I went for a walk and some Op shopping around Ballarat East. I love the way the streets of old brick houses go up and down.

I found a glass necklace just right for the season. The necklace reminds me of the early wattle that's about to flower here.

I made some more fox prints - a mix of lino printing and paper cutting.

They are a little rough as I'm using up some tatty bits of beautiful paper, left-over from some booklets I made last year.

A storm came over and I watched the tulips blaze red against the darkening world.

I love these wintery months.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth..i think i know that op
shopping means thrift shops here?

this photograph of tulips....
do you have prints? or could you?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Grace, an op shop is an opportunity shop - run for charity and selling donated goods, mostly secondhand. I think a thrift shop is the same in function?
I'd love to see a blog devoted to showing thrift shops in the US. Do you know of any?

You are welcome to the tulip picture but how? I'm technically inept. TIF? GIF? printed on paper, what sort of paper? How to send so far - post, email, put it up on the blog in some clever way that makes it print well?
It makes me happy you asked as I get such pleasure from your images!

Katherine Bowman said...

Hi Liz! I love the fox prints, and all your photos. xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi to you Katherine!Why don't you come up on the train while it's such beautiful walking weather?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth...just came back to see
if todays comment had appeared and
came back here...well, i don't know
i was hoping that you already had
a way of selling your prints...they
deserve maybe we will wait
until you do? i really have no
clue how it might be done.
it just is so beautiful

Elizabeth said...

Hi Grace I think I worked it out. You can click on the image of teh tulips, then when it comes up as a separate image use the 'page' button in the tool bar, then'save as' and choose the Word picture option or Adobe or whatever. from that you can get it into your images and do as you will.
I would be delighted if you can get it! Do let me know if you can and how it goes.
Maybe one day I can share one of your images?