Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A blow-in

We had quite a storm a few days ago. When I took the dogs out that night to feed them, the wind was tumbling everything around the yard. Over the wind I heard a bird squawking. Then the labrador and I both saw what seemed to be a white cocky stumbling around against the gusts of wind.
In the dark it was hard to see whether it was injured, but I got it safely inside, not helped by two fascinated dogs, and had a good look.
It was a long-beaked corella, looking healthy, but with one wing very clumsily clipped, so it was effectively crippled. I hate this.

I set it up in our little toilet with the requisites, and after an understandably paranoid day, it settled in enough to eat, drink, rip up it's gum tree branch and scuttle round my feet when I changed it's water etc.

Luckily for me, a friend with experience and permits for wild birds has taken it to a bushland aviary until a home can be found for it. No one is advertising its loss which makes me think it was taken illegally from the wild.
These birds are highly intelligent and highly social, they live in groups and have a complex language and social structure. They are very curious and willing to experiment and play, so they make fascinating pets, but how can a solitary life with humans substitute for living in a flock of fellow birds?
They are so quick, clever and alive to everything around them, they need their complex natural life. They should not be toys.

Yin was happy when the toilet was empty, clean and quiet. (Corellas are noisy). I was grateful for a little time with a very interesting and charming creature.
There are no pictures because I was being as unobtrusive as possible while we had this bird, trying  to stress it as little as possible.

Our toilet has now housed an egret with fouled wings, rescued from the lakeside, a kitten, a ring tail possum, a friend's puppy (giving the older dogs much needed respite time during a stay over), and a corella.

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